Inside out dream

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『 Inside out dream 』
Eishin Nose NY Trio

01. In the forest
02. Here is Virgo?
03. Awamori Dance
04. When a frog tells you a story
05. Inside out dream
06. Hope
07. Nobody's in Particular part 1, Dave-Eliot-Eishin
08. Nobody's in Particular part 2, Eliot-Eishin-Dave
09. Kaleidoscpoe
10. Chaser no straight
11. Where is Virgo?

Eliot Zigmund(ds) 2,6,7,8,11
SatoshiTakeishi (ds) 1,3,4,5,9,10 
Dave Ambrosio(b)
Eishin Nose(p)
All Compositions by EishinNOSE
Free improvisations on #7 and 8

Recorded in May 28 and June 23, 2008
by Joe Marciano at System 2, Brooklyn.
Mixed in June 27, 2008
by Katsuhiko Naito at Avatar Studio, New York city

ビル・エバンス、フレッド・ハーシュ、ミッシェル・ペトロチアーノなどのドラマ-『エリオット・ジモンド』、イリアーヌ・イリアスやベン・モンダー、デイブ・リーブマンと共演中のドラマー& パーカッショニスト『武石聡』、二人の奇才ドラマーにNYカッティングエッジ・べーシスト『デイブ・アンブロシオ』を迎えたオリジナリティー溢れるユニークなピアノ・トリオ。
International Songwriting Competition にてファイナルに選出された『In the forest』、人気曲『泡盛ダンス』やテレビのテーマソングに使われた『Hope』など全11曲収録。

“New York-based jazz pianist Eishin Nose continues his affinity for the free form style of jazz on his third album, “Inside Out Dream” where he delves further into the free style genre painting a musical canvas of intricate lines and sophisticated grooves.
One thing is for certain, pianist Eishin Nose is not content with performing traditional jazz preferring the freedom that improvisation brings and with “Inside Out Dream,” he continues his dream of expressing the depth of his feelings through creative, intricate and challenging music—all of which, he provides here and after all, isn't that what jazz is all about?”
- Critics by Edward Blanco (The full text is here.)

- アメリカのジャズ評論家/エドワード・ブランコ氏

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¥2,800 税込